About Us

Blu Atlas provides effective, premium skincare and fragrance solutions designed to maximize men’s confidence. We’re a team of modern minimalists who believe that the products you use on your body should actively support your health and that there’s no reason you shouldn’t look great while using them. 

We’re dedicated to crafting the most advanced formulations from clean, active ingredients that deliver visible results and sensational experiences. 96% or more of the ingredients used in our products are naturally derived. Plus, we formulate our products to be free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates because the skin and body products you use should never compromise your health. 

Our customers are loyal to our brand because our products deliver on their promises - no marketing jargon, just simple, high-quality grooming products that smell incredible, feel amazing, and are great for you. We aim to make the practice of caring for yourself simple and straightforward, as it should be, without compromising on luxury and sophistication. More than 100,000 people love our American-made products. We know you will, too.