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The Dopp Kit Packing Checklist for Long Summer Weekends

"Late night? Blu Atlas’s eye stick provides an under-eye boost by targeting dark circles and puffy eyes via rose water, algae extract, vitamin C and caffeine. The travel-sized metal roller ball makes application enjoyable and leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized." - Insidehook


The 12 Best Colognes for Men Will Enhance Any Fragrance Collection

"Blu Atlas Atlantis Eau de Parfum has garnered a loyal following and we can totally see why. Striking a nice balance between bright citrus notes like lemon and bergamot as well as sensual notes like peach, apricot, and musk, the fragrance can only be described as a breath of fresh air. While the dominant scent is fruity and somewhat sweet, it’s not overly feminine; it simply elevates a man’s natural scent." - Byrdie 


8 Best Shampoos with Natural Ingredients

"Your dry, damaged hair will love this gentle shampoo from Blu Atlas. Thoughtfully formulated with lush, healing ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba brotein, and vegan biotin, this is a natural shampoo all about building healthier, stronger hair."- Esquire


The Best Grooming Brands to Know Right Now

"With its high-quality, effective ingredients, remarkable scents and handsome packaging, the brand is a new go-to for daily routine premium skincare that can be summed up as “simple sophistication.”" - Inside Hook


The Best Body Wash for Men in 2024 to Clean and Nourish Your Skin

"Blu Atlas Body Wash harnesses the power of potent natural ingredients to provide soothing care for your skin. Infused with green tea extract, a rich source of antioxidants, it soothes puffiness, reduces redness, and protects against free radicals. Aloe leaf, known for its natural moisturizing properties, aids skin nourishment and rejuvenation. The formula is designed to lock in moisture, with coconut-derived emollients calming the skin and cleansing away impurities." - Men's Journal

The Best Deodorants for Men in 2024 to Keep You Dry and Smelling Great

"Blu Atlas Deodorant is an award-winning fragrance-free deodorant stick effectively prevents odor and sweating, allowing your chosen cologne to take the spotlight. It's the best of our aluminum-free options because it utilizes volcanic ash to absorb sweat. Bamboo extract and sage leaf neutralize all bad odors." - Men's Journal

Best Face Wash for Men in 2024, According to Skin Type

"Blu Atlas Volcanic Ash Face Cleanser is a daily facial cleanser that removes grime while detoxifying your skin. Volcanic ash is highly absorbent and uses fine particles to remove excess oil. Bentonite aids in removing impurities and can help pores look and feel tighter. Lactobacillus ferment supports the skin's microbiome and strengthens against aggressors. Lastly, Pomegranate seed oil, rich in vitamins A, C, and K, delivers regenerative, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties." - Men's Journal

Best Aftershave for Men of 2024 to Prevent Razor Burn and Irritation

"Blu Atlas Aftershave is the best overall balm aftershave treatment for most guys' needs and skin types. Its soothing and hydrating formula also acts as a natural moisturizer." - Men's Journal

16 Best Aftershaves for Men to Soothe Skin

"Even if your shaving cream is working to repair and rehydrate your skin while you’re shaving, getting a high-quality aftershave is still essential. Shaving is incredibly rough on our skin, so check out Blu Atlas’ aftershave to reduce redness, irritation, and the chance of ingrown hairs. Made with 98.7% naturally-sourced ingredients, we love their formula because nothing stings a freshly shaved face more than a splash of chemicals. The gentle, holistic nature of Blu Atlas’ aftershave is what makes it #1 on our list." - Men's Journal


How Blu Atlas Is Changing The Face of Men's Skincare

"Natural ingredients free of harmful chemicals, work with skin to provide protection, healing, cleansing, and other nourishing properties that have been shown to transform skin. For example, the brand focuses on natural emollients like shea butter and mango seed butter to nourish and protect the skin's moisture barrier, rather than synthetically-derived emollients like petrolatum."- Forbes


Blu Atlas' Atlantis Is The Must Have Cologne For Summer

"Although designed to be a men's cologne, Atlantis quickly fits in among other top-tier unisex scents, such as Aesop, Le Labo, and Byredo."- Forbes


Why Blu Atlas is the Men's Grooming Brand Causing a Stir

"Luxurious, approachable, straightforward, and powerful—men’s grooming has my attention. Enter Blu Atlas with premium skincare, haircare, and body care. This handsome collection is made in New York with clean, vegan, and nearly 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients."- Beauty Tap


Blu Atlas Shave Cream Review

"But what about the shave itself? Honestly, it’s pretty darn good. Lubrication/glide is excellent and cushion/protection is outstanding, even with the comparatively thin lather."- Sharpologist


Blu Atlas Review

"Upgrade your grooming game with Blu Atlas aftershave, body wash, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, exfoliating scrub, moisturizer, and more."- Maxim


10 Best Beard Shampoos According to Barbers

"It may not be a dedicated beard shampoo, but Renegar still recommends this product as an all-in-one option for the hair on your head and your beard. "It has high-quality, natural ingredients that are backed by science — like jojoba oil and aloe for moisturizing,"- Good Housekeeping


Blu Atlas Skincare for Men. My honest review 1 month later!

"It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since I stumbled upon the game-changer that is Blu Atlas Skincare for men. Time really flies when you're having fun, right? What makes Blu Atlas stand out isn't just the incredible stuff inside those bottles; it's the top-notch craftsmanship of their packaging, which screams quality from the get-go. A year later, my opinion hasn't budged an inch: Blu Atlas sets the gold standard."- Drapper and Groomed


Blu Atlas vs. Le Labo: Which Is the Best Smelling Skincare?

"After much careful consideration, we determined that Blu Atlas offers the best-smelling skincare. The coconut apricot scent is genius for a skincare line, as it leaves behind a trace of sweetness while ensuring we smell clean all day long."-WWD



"This cologne launched in 2022 as the signature fragrance of men’s grooming company Blu Atlas and has become a favorite of many who have the spirit of wanderlust in their hearts."- Fashoinbeans


The Ultimate Men's Skincare Routine to Adopt Before Your Wedding

"If your skin skews a little bit oily, the ultra-lightweight moisturizer from Blu Atlas is sure to give you what you need without clogging pores or feeling too heavy on your face."- TheKnot


John Russo on Inspiration, Life Lessons and Favorite Products

"Russo loves Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream ($8.95) and Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm ($33), as well as Blu Atlas’s Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash ($71)."- New Beauty


59 Best Men’s Skincare Brands for Every Budget and Complexion (2024)

"Even though Blu Atlas was just launched in January 2022, this cruelty-free and vegan brand has already garnered immense popularity and great reviews from the likes of Men’s Journal, Maxim, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, and The Daily Front Row. Their unique formulations use all-natural ingredients, and most of the products don’t cost more than $30."- Modern Fellows

Top 5 Cheap and Best shampoo for aging thinning hair in [2023]

"You may find this shampoo simple and simple, but its results are very amazing and after using this shampoo for a few days, you will see the difference in your hair, it will strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall and breakage."- Beauty Shabman


Read This Blu Atlas Review Before Feeling Sorry For Not Buying This Product!

"This Blu Atlas review concludes that it is a premium skincare brand. Everyone deserves to enjoy all products of Blu Atlas. The price is good and the packaging is exceptional. It has lots of products to offer from hair, skin, and fragrance line."- BeautyBash